Case Study

Thomas Jarvis

Full job title
Finance Graduate Scheme at E.ON UK.

How has your degree benefited you in your current role?

The Accounting and Financial Management degree from Sheffield has benefitted me in my current role as it has shaped me into a holistic finance professional. During my time at Sheffield I learnt about a wide range of topics and disciplines surrounding Accounting and Finance which has led me to have a well-rounded view of finance.

I am able to make better decisions with my wide range of knowledge and devices as a result of a varied and engaging degree programme.

Is there any specific part of your degree that you use in your day-to-day job?

I use my studies every day, whether it is employing statistical analysis techniques learnt in MGT138 Analysis for Decision Making, research skills learnt in MGT329 Case Studies in Accounting and Financial Management,
Strategy knowledge acquired in MGT231 Business Strategy or Investment Appraisal methods learnt in MGT321 Corporate Finance and MGT241 Equity Analysis and Investment.

Furthermore, the soft skills developed during my degree such as my communication skills and team-working from working on group projects, presentation techniques from research projects or critical thinking from problem-solving projects.

Specialist accounting knowledge helps me with technical queries while knowledge of economics and finance helps me with strategic direction and context. Particularly examples include the employment of the battery of investment appraisal methods from the various finance modules that I have used to create new financial models for use within the business. When I think about it, I use lots from my degree every single day.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

To any prospective or future students of SUMS, these will be the best years of your life. The school has incredibly learning facilities, 1st class lecturers and enthusiastic, talented students who will make your experience second to-none. The employability focus (including the SUMS-only employability hub) at SUMS was key to me landing my dream graduate job and these opportunities should be grabbed with both hands.