HR Trainee at Geely

About the company

ZGH consists of many well-known international automotive brands including Geely Auto, Lynk & Co, Volvo Cars, Polestar, PROTON, Lotus, London Electric Vehicle Company, Yuan Cheng Auto, and Terrafugia with global operations spanning the automotive value chain, from research, development and design to production, sales and servicing.

About the role

1. In-depth department understanding of business, identifying business pain points and giving professional human resources suggestions or solutions.

2. According to the annual human resource planning, assist the business department to implement recruitment, interview selection, recruitment and recruitment, and provide solutions for the selection and reasonable allocation of personnel in the business department.

3. Responsible for employee retention, early warning and analysis of separation risk, reduce department turnover rate, and assist the sharing center to avoid legal risks in the separation process.

4. Responsible for the supervision and assistance of business department training activities and team building activities, and give human resources related opinions on the effectiveness and rationality of related training activities, combined with the needs of the department.

5. Responsible for business department performance management, combined with performance interviews to provide professional recommendations for business department leaders in terms of employee performance improvement and development.

6. Responsible for the supervision and assistance of the efficiency improvement activities of business department employees and give professional advice.


1. Bachelor degree or above, management, economics and other related majors.

2. Understand the structure and working principle of the engine and transmission, and have a strong sense of quality and strong sense of responsibility.

3. Strong logical thinking ability, communication and coordination ability, independent learning ability, high sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit.

4. Excellent oral English skills.

How to apply

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